2016 Play-offs

Play-offs in all divisions except Tyke will be held this coming weekend, June 25 & 26.

All ties in playoff games will be broken through overtime.

In the event of a tie after regulation time, teams do not switch ends and after a 2 min break a 5 minute sudden victory OT period will be played. If still tied after the first OT, there will be another 2 min break and a second 5 min sudden victory period will follow. If still tied a 3 player penalty shootout will follow. If the score is still tied after three shooters the shootout will continue until a winner is determined. A player may not shoot again until all eligible runners on the team have shot. In the shootout, a team with two eligible Goaltender may elect to switch goalies and shall have the option to switch after three players shoot.


John Eng,

President, SALA